• Disability Insurance
    • Protects an employee’s most important and valuable asset, their income. When injuries occur off the job, or an illness diagnosis happens, or a medical procedure is required that keeps them from being able to do their job, disability coverage ensures that they still have money coming in to pay their bills. 
    • Short-Term Disability offers multiple coverage options. Each person can customize disability plans to meet their own personal, family, or financial needs. Benefit amounts, benefit periods and elimination periods can all be adjusted for each employee. 
    • Disability may also be offered to 1099 Independent contractors if they average a minimum of 20 hours per week. This is an advantage if they do not receive workers compensation for on-the-job injuries then disability may be adjusted to cover 24-hour on and off-the-job injuries as well as illnesses. 
    • Disability coverage may also be used for maternity leave.
    • Long-Term Disability is available to companies with 10-100 lives. 

  • Accident Protection
    • Treatment based 24-hour coverage for employees and their families. Benefit dollars are paid directly to the policyholder to help offset out of pocket expenses that may not have been covered by their insurance. Coverage is very inexpensive. It protects individuals from serious accidents that may require serious treatments or hospitalizations to the minor or sports related injuries that are just painful inconveniences. Benefits can include initial hospital or ER visits, x-rays, diagnostic exams, follow up visits, physical therapy, ambulance, appliances, travel, and lodging benefits as well as death or dismemberment. Accidents and injuries can and will happen at any time.

  • Hospital Plans
    • Various levels of coverage available. Plans help with hospitalization costs for any type of illness or injury. Benefits may include hospitalization, physician visits, surgical procedures, emergency room and diagnostic exams, x-rays, lab tests as well as intensive care, or ambulance rides.

  • Critical Illness and/or Cancer Coverage
    • Lump Sum plans available where an individual can select a certain benefit amount that will pay the policyholder a lump sum amount in the event of a heart attack, stroke, ESRD, organ transplant, coma, or a sudden cardiac arrest diagnosis.
    • Cancer plans available to be added to the Critical Illness lump-sum coverage or stand-alone Cancer Assist plans. 
    • Some carriers offer indemnity coverages that will continue to pay separate benefits beyond the initial diagnosis benefit. Those may include benefits for chemo or radiation treatments, hospitalization, surgical procedures and anesthesia, stem cell or bone marrow transplants, continuing care and even annual wellness exams.

  • Dental Plans
    • Network based plans where preventative services are covered 100%. Percentages are covered for basic and major services with limited waiting periods if any at all.
    • PPO plans available that allow an individual to go to any dentist. Offers more flexibility, but the benefit amounts may be less than a network plan.
    • Supplemental coverage than can pay benefits along side an established dental plan.
    • Orthodontics coverage is also available with waiting periods.

  • Life Insurance
    • Permanent Whole Life may cover an individual for their entire life. Plans builds cash value as the plan matures. Those values that can be borrowed against or used as collateral on a loan application. Guarantees insurability and rate stability.
    • Term Life is used for higher amounts of coverage. No cash value, only the death benefit. Premium rates are much lower, but coverage periods are limited. Coverage is still guaranteed renewable, so when the term runs out, more coverage can be issued, even if the insured has been diagnosed with an illness.
    • Guaranteed Issue Term options are available with certain qualifying conditions and participation.
    • Juvenile Life offer options with some carriers where specific benefit amounts are available to cover a minor between 14 days and 17 years old. After that child turns 18 years old, the coverage amount doubles in face value and converts to a permanent whole life policy without any increase in premium.  

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