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Origin Story

RAM and ELM are the core of my foundation. They are who raised me. They were my parents. My father Robert’s initials were RAM. He was a Methodist minister, and we celebrated the 70th anniversary of his ordination just a few months before he passed away at the age of 96. Robert was short in stature, but enormous in his faith. He installed in his children the value of hard work, the advantages of taking calculated risks, the importance of looking out for each other and the need to make sure no soul is left unattended. When my dad had retired for the fourth time, my brother described him as the living embodiment of The Golden Rule. Our dad not only talked the talk as a preacher his entire life, he also walked the walk as a God-loving husband, father, advisor, leader and man! He was and still is the best: the kind of person I strive to be and the kind of example that I want to be for my own children.

My mother Eleanor’s initials were ELM and she was an inspirational force in her own right, the type of mother who always welcomed our friends into our home, and opened our door to strangers who needed help. There was always enough food to share or a place to sleep if needed. We were not wealthy by any stretch of the word, yet she instilled in us at an early age that there were always people more needy than we were. Sometimes a meal would be stretched without the unexpected guest being aware. Usually, a little would be held back in the kitchen to be offered as seconds to our guest without anyone the wiser. It was important to my mother that a guest never felt as though they were ever an imposition. She believed that there was always room for one more. There was always plenty to share. Eleanor lived to the age of 98, but the final eight years of her life she suffered with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, a condition that is extremely cruel to everyone involved, especially surviving family members. My mother demonstrated to me and helped me understand how to be deliberate in my actions, to recognize where kindness and charity is needed, and how to be genuine in my caring for others.

I have used those lessons over and over during my 35 years of sales and marketing in many different professional fields. I entered the insurance industry over 15 years ago to help people. It was a move that made both of my parents very happy. Insurance as an industry can be complicated. Health insurance as a product is a necessity for different reasons to different people. Insurance as a service can be a life preserver for individuals and families going through financial trouble after an unexpected medical issue. It is important in today’s economy to understand the different types of insurance and the different levels of coverage that are available to consumers. At RAM & ELM, my goal is to help my clients understand what their needs are, what options are available to them and for them to come away feeling as though they had been treated as a guest and not just a customer. I want my clients to feel as though their needs were met with compassion and value.

~ Rich Mulligan
Principle Agent
Founder, Owner

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